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2nd Oct


From a Runner’s and Volunteer’s Perspective

“Since the first year of the Gapper, St. John’s Ambulance has been involved as the medical first responders. As a medical first responder, I have volunteered with the team ensuring that we were prepared to assist if needed. On such a challenging course with uneven terrain (the 5K), it’s good to be able to say that it has been an event without any serious injuries! This year, for the first time, rather than being on duty as a medical first responder, I decided to run the 5K race. I had been running for a few months and this was my first 5K. Challenging to say the least! It was an experience running the Gapper. Difficult, grueling at times, but definitely a run that felt great crossing the finish line!! It’s cross country running at its best and you really get to experience the property of Niagara Shorthills Christian Ministries (Agape Valley).” –Chris

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